Großbritanniens Kindertransporte sind eine nationale Schande

      Großbritanniens Kindertransporte sind eine nationale Schande

      Ich wurde heute morgen auf einige Artikel hingewiesen, über die partout nichts in unseren Zeitungen zu finden ist.
      Auch das deutschsprachige Google-News spuckt nichts entsprechendes aus.

      Scheinbar kommt die Aufarbeitung der Kindertransporte von UK nach im wesentlichen Australien voran.
      Von den ~ 130000 ehemaligen Kindern sollen wohl noch 2000 leben.

      Ich schmeiße hier mal die englischen Originatexte rein - lediglich mit Übersetzungen für die wichtigsten Passagen.…ian-paedophile-rings.html
      "Kinder wurden weiterhin in australische Landheime verschifft, obwohl die Verantwortlichen wussten, dass einige Pädophilenringe beherbergten.
      Wir werden es jetzt als Kinderhandel einstufen.
      Die Untersuchungskommission sprach auch mit verschifften Kindern, deren Anzeigen bei der Polizei nicht geglaubt wurden.
      Sie sagt, dass Kindern, die davon rannten und bei der Polizei Anzeige erstatteten, stets nicht geglaubt wurde und sie in die Einrichtungen zurückgebracht wurden, wo sie oft vor den anderen Kindern zur Warnung geschagen wurden.
      Humphreys schmetterte die Entschuldigung nieder, dass ein derartiger Missbrauch den 'damaligen Standards' entsprach.
      'Wann war es jemals 'aktueller Standard' Kinder zu vergewaltigen - Kinder in dieser Art zu misshandeln?' sagt sie.

      Child migrants kept being sent to farm schools in Australia despite officials knowing some harboured paedophile rings
      • British child migrants were sent to Australian farm schools with paedophiles
      • A U.K. inquiry is examining sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children
      • Catholic Christian Brothers and royal-back Fairbridge Society worst offenders

      By Australian Associated Press

      Published: 17:01 BST, 21 July 2017 | Updated: 17:05 BST, 21 July 2017

      Child migrants kept being trafficked from Britain to Australia despite officials knowing that some institutions they were sent to harboured pedophile rings, a U.K. inquiry was told.

      Dr Margaret Humphreys of the Child Migrants Trust told the child sexual abuse inquiry in London that recruiters were sent to the U.K. to select children for church and charity-run farm schools in Australia.

      'We would categorise that now as child trafficking,' she said on Friday.

      British child migrants in Australia were subjected to sexual, physical and emotional abuse

      Dr Margaret Humphreys of the Child Migrants Trust told the inquiry it was child trafficking

      The inquiry is examining the sexual, physical and emotional abuse suffered by thousands of children in care who were sent to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Rhodesia up to the 1970s.

      Among the worst offenders were the Catholic order the Christian Brothers who ran farm schools in Western Australia and the royals-backed Fairbridge Society which ran farm schools in NSW.

      The inquiry has heard from former child migrants that say they were routinely sexually abused and flogged by staff, were poorly fed, clothed and educated and used as virtual slave labour on the farms.

      It's also heard that authorities in the UK and Australia knew of sex abuse scandals at the institutions but no proper inspection systems were in place and the offending institutions were allowed to keep operating.

      'It's much clearer now that there was knowledge that some of the institutions were quite clearly pedophile rings,' Humphreys told the inquiry.

      She said the sexual abuse of even one child should have prompted an inquiry but that didn't happen and hundreds of children were abused.

      The inquiry was told beatings were common (child migrants arriving in Australia in 1938)

      The inquiry also heard child migrants who complained to police were not believed

      Former British prime minister Gordon Brown described child migration as a 'national disgrace'

      Humphreys, who in 1993 was awarded the Order of Australia for her work with former child migrants, said a regime of bullying and beatings at the institutions meant children were terrified to complain of abuse.

      She said children who ran away and complained to police were invariably not believed and would be returned to the institution where they were often beaten in front of the other children as a warning.

      They were left 'lonely and isolated' to deal with the abuse on their own, she said.

      Humphreys slammed the defence that such abuse was in line with the 'standards of the day'.

      'When was it ever the standards of the day to rape children, to abuse children in this way?' she said.

      On Thursday former British prime minister Gordon Brown told the inquiry the child migration scheme was a 'national disgrace' and the UK government must compensate the more than 2000 former child migrants left before they died.

      In 2010 Brown apologised to former child migrants on behalf of the British government for the distress caused to them by the scheme.…ordon-brown-a7852041.html
      'Größer im Ausmaß, größer in der geographischen Ausdehnung und größer in der zeitlichen Ausdehnung, was unbekannt war' sagt der ehemalige Premierminister.
      Herr Brown sagt, dass das zwangsweise Verschiffungsprogramm ein "Verstoß gegen die Menschenrechte" war.
      In Australien könnte ein nationaler Widergutmachungsplan diesen misshandelten Kindern bis zu 150000 australische Dollar(90000 Brit. Pfund) anbieten.
      Forced migration of children to Australia bigger sex abuse scandal than Jimmy Savile, says Gordon Brown

      'Bigger in scale, bigger in geographical spread, and bigger in the length of time that went on undetected', says the former prime minister

      Caroline Mortimer
      Thursday 20 July 2017 22:41 BST

      Children being greeted by William Kitson, the Agent-General for Western Australia, in 1948 Getty Images/Hulton Archive

      Former prime minister Gordon Brown has said the forced migration of children to Australia and other Commonwealth countries during the 20th century is a bigger sex abuse scandal than the revelations about Jimmy Savile.

      Giving evidence to the independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), Mr Brown, who issued a national apology to victims in 2010, said the mass transportation of 130,000 British children overseas amounted to "government-enforced trafficking".

      He said: "This seems to me as probably the biggest national sex abuse scandal.

      "Bigger than what people have alleged about Savile. Bigger than what people have alleged about individual children's homes. Bigger in scale, bigger in geographical spread, and bigger in the length of time that went on undetected.

      "I'm shocked about the information that I have seen."

      Mr Brown told the inquiry that a Government minister should be "hauled" before it to explain why nothing has been done over "sickening" new evidence of abuse which has come to light in the past seven years.

      He said: "We now know that the apology was only half the story, and we have yet to do something to remedy and to deal with the consequences of what is the other part of the story, which is as significant, perhaps more ... the abuse of so many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children."

      He added that he had not been aware of the scale of the abuse when he delivered his national apology in 2010.

      The Australian government apologised for its part in the scandal the previous day.

      The ex-PM said the surviving 2,000 victims of the migrant programmes, which continued until the 1970s, should be compensated as a matter of urgency.

      Mr Brown said the forced transportation programmes were a "violation of human rights".

      He said: "Clearly, successive governments have failed in a duty of care. And that is a source of shame.

      "Children were denied a childhood, an identity, a family and any sense of belonging. Many, some as young as three, were sent abroad, often having been falsely told their parents were dead.

      Children en route to Australia. Many were taken from their parents and did not know where they were going (Getty Images/Hulton Archive)

      "In Australia, a national redress scheme may offer up to 150,000 Australian dollars (£90,000) to abused migrants. It is for Australian and other Commonwealth countries to compensate for the failure to protect and prosecute when children came to their country.

      "In the recent Northern Ireland Inquiry, compensation has also been recommended. At a minimum, we should match Northern Ireland in what would be a £40 million fund for national redress."

      Another former prime minister, Sir John Major, did not appear in person at the inquiry, but provided a written statement which said his government took the approach that mistreatment of British children sent abroad was primarily a matter for the country concerned.

      The transportation scheme began in the 1920s, in part to east the population of UK orphanages int he years after the First World War, but also to give "lost" children a fresh start in the colonies.

      But many children, some of whom were forcibly taken from their parents and were not told where they were going, found a life of hardship and depravity once they arrived as many were forced to work on farms and were subject to severe sexual and physical abuse.

      One of the surviving victims, David Hill, waived his right to anonymity earlier this year to urge the chair of the inquiry, Professor Alexis Jay, to "name the villains" responsible for the policy.

      Mr Hill, who later became the managing director of the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABC), later uncovered documents shown to the inquiry which said a fact-finding mission was set from the UK to Australia in 1956 after people raise concerns about the policy.

      As a result, a blacklist of institutions which were mistreating the children was drawn up by the British government but it was never enforced due to political pressure from the some of the charities and agencies involved.…alia-20170721-gxgf8x.html
      Misshandlung der verschifften Kinder ist 'eine Angelegenheit Australiens'
      Die Reaktion des ehemaligen Bittischen Premierministers John Major auf die Notlage der ehemals verschifften Kinder, die in australische Landheimen sexuell missbraucht wurden ist extrem enttäuschend, erklärt die britische Untersuchungskommission.
      Former British PM John Major: Child migrant abuse 'a matter for Australia'

      Lloyd Jones

      London: Former British prime minister John Major's response to the plight of former child migrants who were sexually abused at Australian farm schools is "extremely disappointing", a UK inquiry has heard.

      Dr Margaret Humphreys of the Child Migrants Trust told a child sexual abuse inquiry in London on Friday that Mr Major missed the opportunity to really help survivors when the extent of the abuse becoming clear in the 1990s.

      The inquiry is examining the sexual, physical and emotional abuse suffered by thousands of children sent to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Rhodesia up to the 1970s.

      Mr Major told the inquiry in a statement that his position when prime minister from 1990 to 1997 was that any allegations of physical and sexual abuse of child migrants in Australia "would be a matter for the Australian authorities".

      He said he was "sympathetic" to the Child Migrants Trust and his government had provided funding to help it reunite former child migrants with their families.

      But Dr Humphreys, who has been awarded the Order of Australia for her work with former child migrants, told the inquiry she had written letters to Mr Major when he was prime minister seeking an effective response to help former child migrants.

      She said she was perhaps naive to think at the time that once the government knew of the extent of the abuse it would act appropriately to help abuse survivors.

      "There was an opportunity to help and to recognise the plight of child migrants and their families. It was extremely disappointing," she said.

      Dr Humphreys said she was "alarmed" that Mr Major had not attended the inquiry in person "to take a more open and learning response to this".

      She said the resistance of the UK government to address the child migrant issue led to further pain for former child migrants and their families.

      On Thursday, former British prime minister Gordon Brown told the inquiry the child migration scheme was a "national disgrace" and the government must compensate more than 2000 former child migrants before they died.

      He said a redress scheme would give those who were abused "some sense that we understand their pain and suffering".

      In 2010 Mr Brown apologised to former child migrants on behalf of the British government for the distress caused to them by the child migration scheme.

      Dr Humphreys said the apology was welcomed by abuse survivors as a first step towards redress and healing, but the UK government needed to act urgently to help survivors.


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